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This is a boutique firm in both Dallas and New York for high net worth
companies. As a CPA and Financial Adviser with 26 years’ experience
working with CEO's, their company retirement plans and their
personal wealth, I have all aspects of your money covered.

I work best with corporations, S corps and partnerships with
a particular expertise in physicians, law firms, real estate,
manufacturing and high end consultants.  I work with
many other types of companies and do a great deal
IRS correspondence, offers in compromise and
in-house consulting for your business, your
employees and your financial flow.

I am known as The Money Therapist® and have been on all the major networks across the country as well as nationally syndicated shows as the "go to" finance expert.

Email me at holly@hmncpa.com to set up a consult or call my office at 212-489-1800 ext 107 to find out how I can help your company and your bottom line.